Learner-Focused Feedback To Feed Forward

Our courses are designed to support educators in all roles and of all levels of experience in the cultivation of a culture of learning in their buildings and districts through a culture of feedback. Feedback that promotes growth and reflection based on impact on learners has the power to transform instruction and school communities. The courses serve either as stand-alone learning programs or in conjunction with our face-to-face, blended, or virtual job-embedded professional learning models to build capacity in high leverage practices. Contact us with questions or for tailored solutions.
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The coursework is built upon and supported by our two publications and decades of work and research in the field of supporting educators. If you would like to know where to start on your learning path, try our self-assessment survey.
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Michael Fullan - Professor Emeritus, OISE/University of Toronto

“Leading learning meets specificity! Tepper and Flynn take the most powerful strategy for change we know—feedback— and comprehensively break it down into themes that are wellgrounded in theory and practice. Treat Feedback to Feed Forward as a master cookbook. Look for what you need and delve into it with a connoisseur’s appetite.”

John Hattie - Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne, Visible Learning

“A leader’s most important job is to help teachers understand their impact on student learning. Collecting evidence of learning through observation is a difficult skill to master, but Tepper and Flynn have given us the tools we need in this essential new resource.”

Miladys Cepero-Perez - Miami Dade County Public Schools Instructional Supervisor

“Tepper and Flynn’s Learner-Focused Feedback delivers the educational framework necessary to develop a school culture that fosters and embraces teaching and learning for impact. Evidence-based feedback that focuses on the learner is the ultimate approach to not only empower educators to be intentional with every detail of their instruction. I believe Learner-Focused Feedback will create the structures to build a school culture based on trust to allow room for promoting educational equity and student achievement.”

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