Course Description

This course is for anyone who engages in feedback cycles in support of teachers' and service providers' growth and reflection, whether observing in-person lessons or video.  We have determined that there are three core competencies that observers must master to effectively provide impactful feedback, support assessment-capable teachers, increase collective efficacy, improve teacher practices, and increase student outcomes. In this course, you will explore the first competency of "Observe and Collect Evidence" and the 7 related core skills. The depth and specificity about what is happening during lessons is at the heart of feedback that feeds forward. Therefore, we must be clear on what it is that we are seeking to understand and how to collect evidence to support that understanding. The competencies and skills learned in this course can also be applied to self-reflection for those wishing to review their own practice with a more discerning eye.

Course Structure

Should I start here? If you are new to observation and feedback, the answer is yes! However, observers at all levels of expertise and experience will find this course impactful. Use our self-assessment to determine your best learning pathway and most appropriate entry point.

RESOURCES: This competency is supported in Feedback to Feed Forward : 31 Strategies to Lead Learning Chapters 2 and 3 and Strategies 1-16, which must be purchased separately. 

STRUCTURE:  This course provides videos, readings, and reflections, with each lesson containing about 1 hour of new learning. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate for 10 hours.  

It will be important to engage in time outside of the course to practice and apply and you may find you want to explore optional reading and resources. Therefore, total time commitment will vary.

Please note, you are purchasing access for one user. We appreciate you not sharing your log in with others as we put a great deal of research and time into our course content for you. Each lesson will provide you with implementation challenges as highly recommended opportunities to practice and apply on your own or with your team to refine your skills, but we ask that you not share access to the course. You will have access for 1 year after purchase. 

Course Curriculum

    1. Welcome

    2. Course goals

    3. RESOURCE: Standards of Observation and Feedback

    4. RESOURCE: 3 Competencies & 21 Core Skills

    5. Initial Reflection RVL 1.A

    1. Introduction

    2. Strategies 1-3


    4. Strategy 4

    5. Examples of "challenging phrases"


    7. Strategy 5

    8. Implementation Challenge On Your Own

    9. Looking for more?

    1. Introduction

    2. Strategy 6


    4. On Your Own Implementation Challenge

    1. Introduction


    3. Strategy 9

    4. Types of Evidence - For Remote/Blended Learning

    5. Pathways for Identifying Data


    7. On Your Own Implementation Challenge

    1. Initial Reflection RVL 1.B

    2. Strategies 10-13

    3. Classroom Mapping Examples

    1. Introduction

    2. Going Deeper with Quantitative Data


    4. Using Quantitative Data

    5. On Your Own Implementation Challenge

About this course

  • $299.00
  • 52 lessons

Learning Targets

  • Develop strategies to deconstruct an instructional framework/rubric and the standards of teacher performance

  • Develop strategies to determine look-fors to improve observation and feedback practices

  • Understand bias related to observation and evidence-collection

  • Recognize the general types of data available for collection during an observation

  • Develop objective evidence-collection strategies, including those for interacting with students about ongoing work and learning during a lesson

  • Understand how the use of evidence in feedback serves to promote teacher growth

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